USB Modem CDMA 2000 1x EVDO REV A 1900 MHz - RUIM Enable - Plug and Play, easy setup installation - Download Speed: Max. 3.1 Mbps using EVDO REV A Network, Equivalent eith 3.5G - Internal Memory Slot: Micro SD - Voice and SMS over computer - Support Windows XP/2000/Vista and Max OS X

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Mobile Broadband (EVDO) is a Wireless Broadband Internet service high speed access in response to market demand trends and usage data use via the Internet in global communications continues to increase. Smart Mobile Broadband service using a wireless modem CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) example: Axesstel MV140B and ZTE AC2728 USB modem supports the latest technology EVDO Rev-A. This new technology was first implemented in Indonesia, so the launch was recorded in the MURI (Indonesian Museum of World Records) in the category of "first" in Indonesia, as the "Telecommunications Operator Launches First CDMA technology EVDO (Evolution Data Only) Rev.A for Wireless Telecommunications In Commercial ".

Smart Mobile Broadband Data Capabilities connection is very reliable because it has a special connection that dedicated to data, which is separate from the voice connection. Access speed downloads Mobile Broadband Smart reaches 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds up to 1.8 Mbps.

With Smart Mobile Broadband service is expected of the Internet users can communicate whenever and wherever they are with high-speed access (EVDO) in the JABODETABEK. Outside JABODETABEK gained speed only CDMA 2000 1x.

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  1. Where is the driver for Mac Snow Leopard???!!!
    The modem is useless on a MacBook without that driver update.